New CD - Chanson Russe

Our new cd 'Chanson Russe' is released via our label '7 Mountain records'!!

You can order by sending an E-mail to: en tranfer 20 euros to bank account IBAN NL31SNSB0937765724 and mention 'cd Chanson Russe' and your name and adress, and we will send the CD to you!

A Flight Beyond The Time

On the 21st of February 2011 the CD ‘A Flight Beyond The Time’ has been released. This CD was produced as a result of the participation in the Coupe Mondiale 2010 in Varaždin (Croatia). This CD contains a selection of works that has been played in this context at the Coupe Mondiale.

You can order the CD for only € 12 excl. 2 euros shipping costs. Please use the contact form in this case and be sure to mention your order and fill in your name and postal address carefully. The money transfer should be addressed to IBAN NL31SNSB0937765724,  Jeanine van Amsterdam.